It’s the power of 4 key disciplines that makes us uniquely qualified to help you.


We have an extensive range of new and refurbished equipment to suit every requirement with both long and short term contract options available.

What’s more, as an independent provider we have access to all the leading brands at great prices, you can mix and match brands and still retain one central point of contact.


We bring the same no-nonsense approach to storage as we do forklifts. Racking and storage equipment can have a crucial impact on your equipment and staffing requirements.

You can also save huge amounts by re-using or re-allocating your existing equipment.


The most valuable part of our service is the experience and advice we can give. From initial consultation to getting started we make sure you fully understand the implications you will face.

Having started as an engineer, progressing to running the UK’s largest Toyota dealer and then founding our own business, we know every side of the materials handling business!


Our short lines of communication and experience working with large organisations, means we can get to the heart of your service needs as quickly as possible.

We work with some of the most experienced and highly regarded service teams in the South of England and can provide a service-only deal for your own equipment to give you access to this expertise.