Needs Analysis Survey

A member of our review team will conduct an initial survey of your materials handling processes. We'll look at your whole operation, review what's effective and what isn't, and suggest the areas which could be made more efficient through new technology, training, better use of materials handling or simple procedural changes.

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The Contract Hire Minefield

There are huge variations around the industry regarding what is provided by forklift suppliers within the context of Contract Hire (which may also be referred to as Rental, Lease with maintenance or Lease without maintenance). […]

Manual Handling

[columnize][dropcap]M[/dropcap]any accidents are caused by lifting heavy things too often, by twisting round to stack things at the side, or by pulling loads when ‘giving a good heave’. Most can be prevented, in fact, employers [...]

Chain Reaction

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) require the thorough examination of lifting equipment at appropriate intervals to ensure its safe use. One of the most important factors in this examination is the [...]

The Smart Option

Here at 4K we like to give you the full picture regarding your materials handling options. There are always tangible benefits to using one type of machine over another, and we regularly supply all manner [...]

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Sema Approved Racking Inspector

If you are involved in the safety of your warehouse, you are required under Health & Safety legislation to have any storage equipment checked for defects on a regular basis. Racking should be formally assessed [...]

For safety’s sake

What safety features can you expect to find on the modern forklift truck, and more importantly, how can you ensure these features are employed correctly? […]

What else do you get?

Well, to put it simply… us! And by this, we mean our people. At 4K the key to our success has been a narrow ownership hierarchy.  This means that the person who manages your account is [...]

Storage Safety

This information is produced as a guide only. Never take risks with safety – racking related or otherwise. In our experience, storage safety is one of the most neglected areas of any materials handling operation, [...]

Why 4K?

4K realise that the efficient operation of a forklift truck fleet is based upon the following components: 1. the operator; 2. the product; and 3. the service provider. […]

Forklift Checklist

Here are some important questions to bear in mind when choosing a forklift. Don’t forget, if you have any difficulties in answering these questions, we can help you find the right answers… […]

Operator Safety

You don’t need expensive computer gadgetry to be safe operating a forklift. Using a forklift safely isn’t difficult, but judging by the number of accidents each year, too many of us cut corners! […]

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When you are looking to replace your forklifts, you need to consider that the equipment you currently run is quite possibly not what you need for the future. Many years may have passed since you [...]